This past week, I had the pleasure of sitting down and speaking with the CEO of Edge Decor, Marcia Thomason. As I walked through the showroom (Not open to the public yet) and factory, I was in awe of the vast amount of materials and unique designs that Edge Decor offers. Marcia was kind enough to take me on a tour and give me an in-depth look at the inner workings of the business.

During our conversation, Marcia shared with me the extensive testing that they have done over the years with various materials such as woods, fabrics, leathers, marbles, sponges, feathers, and stones. She explained how they have nearly perfected their craft to help further immerse customers into the warmth and comfort of their own home.

One example that stood out to me was the process they go through for creating their couches. They have found that using three different layers of high-quality and high resilience density sponge, topped with white goose down feathers, results in the highest comfort rating according to their manufacturing scientists. They also survey thousands of customers to try and test for themselves.

Another aspect that impressed me was the quality of wood that Edge Decor uses. They primarily work with walnut, Ashwood, and Russian Pinewood, with the latter being their factory favorite. Russian Pinewood is 4 times stronger than the industry grade wood that 95% of other companies use, ensuring that their pieces are built to last longer than the house it rests in.

In terms of stones, Edge Decor offers an extensive range of high-quality options. From natural slabs of Emerald green marble from Paraguay to raw cuts of pink quartz from the Philippines, they have truly searched the globe to ensure authenticity and quality for their customers.

Finally, the upholsteries and fabrics that Edge Decor offers are pure, simple, and cozy. They prefer to use large grain tight loop fleece designs for optimal, long-lasting comfort and import the majority of their fabrics from Belgium and New Zealand.

Overall, my visit to Edge Decor was a true highlight and I left feeling impressed and excited about all that they have to offer. I highly recommend checking them out for yourself and seeing

November 03, 2021 — Arch J