What is a crucial ability that all masters seem to have?


Well, yes



But the real key is the ability to define what one really wants.

Masters tend to establish a mission for themselves early on, fueling their growth towards a particular direction. Such is the case with Sergio Rodrigues, a master of his time who was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1927.

- Sergio Rodrigues sitting in his master work, the "Mole" chair, which means relaxed in Portuguese.

"The father of Brazilian furniture," as people called him, came from a family of intellectuals who were well versed in the arts. He distinguished himself with his mission: To establish a clear and distinct Brazilian style in design. 

- The essence of the Brazilian way of life, relaxation and beauty.

Notable for using high-quality, sturdy, and sustainable pieces of wood to craft elegant modern furniture with vintage-like elements. He created a piece that came to be known as an icon in Brazilian design; the mole armchair became associated with the calm and tranquil Brazilian attitude.

Sergio Rodrigues transfers The Brazilian soul into sturdy wood and fine leather furniture.

Before Brazil realized a constitutional democracy, it was inspired by historical European models, with oversized chairs and heavy cabinets. Afterward, other designers such as Joaquim Tenreiro and Jorge Zalszupin set the stage for sleek Brazilian designs and relaxed minimalist elements.

- Beautiful minimalistic Brazilian style furniture

Rodrigues then garnered international awards in 1957 with his Mole chair. It features the native South American hardwood Jacaranda, with upholstery made of leather. The raw materials Rodrigues chose for his chair exalts the native culture of the Americas. The chair invites relaxation and lounging - perfect for an afternoon full of enjoyment.

"The piece of furniture is not just the shape, not just the material which is made but also something inside it. It's the piece's spirit. It's the Brazilian spirit. It's the Brazilian furniture."
-Sergio Rodrigues


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